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“Old” Zhelad, distant water genasi cousin of the Marshes, keeper of the local shrine to Umberlee. Stands to inherit the family fortune if Bresden and Orrin don’t quit adventuring.

Though “Old” Zhelad (as he’s often called) is the fanatical local leader of Umberlee’s cult, he thrives by being calm and rational in his dealings. Despite his nickname, this water genasi looks young. His dark sense of humor and rugged good looks hide the grim ruthlessness of Umberlee’s clergy. He has large sea-foam green eyes, silver hair, and greyish-blue skin the color of storm clouds. Few realize the charm he wears around his neck is the mummified hand of a drowned halfling. Zhelad is extremely patient, instinctively manipulative, and quietly insane. Yet he keeps the Bitch Queen’s shrine immaculate, and most sailors who pass through live to tell the tale—he sees all who live on or near the sea as potential members of his flock. 

 Quote: “Until Umberlee comes to flood the world with brine and blood, Ylraphon is my home, and anyone who threatens it will die with saltwater in their throat.”

Zhelad has the same stats as Shoalar Quanderil from Princes of the Apocalypse, adding Religion +2 to his skills