A dark-skinned, raven-haired half-elf with large blue-green eyes and a cleft in her chin, Aislyn dresses in the stained brown leathers of a forester. Her long black hair hangs straight, braided with feathers in places, hiding the pointed ears she inherited from her drow mother. Known locally as a canny merchant noblewoman, Aislyn is also a powerful warlock, but she has always kept her eldritch powers secret, due to her stepmother Myrandah’s superstitions. She tends to take in young people living in poverty, making them live-in employees or apprentices, without asking her family first. Compulsively organized, Aislyn has helped manage (and, at times, helped raise) a lot of very flawed people—she’s learned to silence most with a single hard look.

 Quote: “The men in my family are all impulsive, impetuous, overgrown boys—Someone has to be the adult.”

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