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 Alastar Bol (AL-a-star BOWL). Ranking member of the Order of the Gauntlet. Alastar is convinced someone is abducting citizens and using them for sinister ends.

Alastar is a heavyset balding human in his late 30’s. His skin is well tanned and his fine garments are often dampened with profuse sweating.

Alastar has put on quite an amount of weight since arriving in town, mostly because he doesn’t leave his home and eats constantly—likely out of boredom. He complains endlessly about his position here, and hopes nothing more for something exciting to happen, mostly because he hopes that if he handles it well, it’ll earn him a nice promotion someplace civilized and decently cool. 

He is amazingly smart and wise, and is quick to provide his insight on whatever task is being discussed. He doesn’t, however, take kindly to his guidance being disregarded.

Quote: “Fetch me that pitcher of cool water, please.”