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Knight Aleyd Burral is a human woman in her late 40s whose blonde hair is streaked with gray. Her face has hard-won lines from a life of violence and often wears a harried expression because she is spread too thinly. She is so tall that she has to duck her head to pass through doorways when wearing her helm.

Aleyd is a member of the Order of the Black Fist and wears the black uniform of a Black Knight.


Aleyd is a formidable warrior with a keen mind. She has had to hide her soft heart behind a stern frown in order to advance in the Order. She has recently decided that using her position to improve and protect Phlan is more important that advancement. As a result, her morals have gotten in the way of her duties and are increasingly causing her trouble with her superiors. Nevertheless, she is one of the most dedicated Knights in the Order.

Aleyd is confident. She does not suffer fools and counts adventurers among the most foolish of all. Nevertheless, because rampant corruption within the Order often renders her impotent to investigate wrongdoings, she sometimes hires adventurers at her own expense to look into such matters.

Aleyd is concerned about the corruption within the Order and desperately wants to do something about it.

Aleyd is brave and selfless to the point of being heroic. She protects the weak, innocent, and harmless at all costs.

Aleyd does not negotiate. She offers terms that are either accepted or rejected. She is guarded, and keeps information to herself until it becomes necessary to share it.


Aleyd has a brother, Wylan Burral, who is a cleric of Tymora in Mulmaster.

Aleyd is friends with Cassyt, whom Aleyd frequently visits in Valhingen Graveyard, telling her stories.

Aleyd is convinced that Knight Commander and Lord Regent Ector Brahms is a righteous man and is intensely loyal to him.

Statistics and Equipment:

Aleyd uses the veteran stat block. She carries a potion of healing, a longsword, and a shield. She wears the black enameled splint armor and helm of a Black Knight.


In DDEX1-3 Shadows on the Moonsea she took it upon herself to look into reports of a ghost ship harrying the northern coast of the Moonsea.

In DDEX1-6 The Scroll Thief she hired a group of adventurers to look into a string of thefts that had occurred on Scholar's Square.

In DDEX1-10 Tyranny in Phlan, she hired a group of adventurers to investigate rumours of corruption within the Order of the Black Fist out of her own pocket. During this adventure, Aleyd dies, but her body was recovered and she was raised from the dead by her brother.


"How may I assist you, citizens?"

"I am Knight Aleyd Burral, and I have a job for you."

"You look like just the type I am looking for."

“Bane’s black blood! What in Nine Hells was that?”

"I see no other choice."

"For the Lord Regent! For Phlan!"