Adventurersleague Wiki

Aliana is a short, muscular woman with blue eyes and brown hair that is kept at shoulder length. Her skin is a rich brown color. She has a scar along her face that she got in the Burning. Prior to the Burning, she was a deputy, and took over when the constable was killed. She always offers a smile in greeting, and tries to get along with everyone.  She likes to keep a neat and efficiently-running town, and is more than happy to overlook minor, nonviolent offenses, or let them go with some time in the drunk tank or fines to make up for damages. She is friendly and honest and likes to make everyone feel that they can come to her with any issues concerning the town.

Quote: “Look, just get along, okay? We have bigger problems to deal with.”


Shayad’s stern countenance belies a calm serenity. Her main insecurity is the fact that she is a half-orc minority in a beautiful people’s world. If she gets any hint that someone is surprised that she is the priestess because she is a half-orc, then they will find a cool welcome. If you engage her in conversation around breaking stereotypes, you will find she’s got a lot to say. Shayad is a pacifist and loves to protect life. Even though there are those who do great evil, she feels that they can be shown the error of their ways and so she will argue and discuss their issues, but avoids physical fighting. Shayad survived the Burning in Elmwood, and was instrumental in getting the larger Temples of Chauntea to put up seed money to get the temple in Elmwood built.