Andorran Bree

Bespectacled, bookish, and soft-spoken, Andorran pretends to be an absent-minded spiritual leader, almost to the point of caricature. In truth, this powerful cleric’s iron will and prescience keep Ylraphon safe. His affectation of cheery forgetfulness masterfully hides his secret work as the town’s most stalwart defender. Devoted to good and his goddess, if necessary Andorran is willing to sacrifice those around him to protect the web of secrets he’s woven over the Moonwater’s vault. His cold tranquility reveals itself both when he conducts rituals, and also in the face of imminent danger. Andorran wears thin spectacles which he is constantly misplacing, and tends to look harried or distracted. His bulky vestments disguise that he is surprisingly well-muscled for a man of the cloth.

Quote: “Selûne shines her light on the loved and hated, the jester and the mourner, the sated and the starving, the wealthy and the poor—but there are some secrets she still permits to stay in the shadows.”   

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