Arden’s skulking posture, along with a clean-shaven head and face, distinguish him from his twin Sir Bresden, but they share the same pale skin and kind, soft features, hardened only by a warlike gleam in their blue eyes. Still in his mid-twenties, Arden carries the regret of a much older man over his youthful misdeeds with the Cult of the Crushing Wave in Mulmaster. Betraying the cult to agents of law led to his father’s death, but he believes doing so sooner would have saved his father’s life. Sworn not to re-enter the gates of Ylraphon or see his family until his penance is complete, Arden believes hunting down those who betray the Order of the Gauntlet is his path to redemption. He is mercilessly intolerant of such crimes, but torn between judging others and judging himself.

 Quote: “A crime has been committed, and I will not rest until justice is served.” 

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