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Population: 3,000+ in 1490 DR


Originally a farming village, Beregost was built in the shadow of a nearby school of wizardry founded by the wizard Ulcaster. Eventually, the success of Ulcaster and his school would be its undoing. Calishite mages who came to fear the school’s power and that of its master attacked the school. When the battle was over, the school was destroyed and Ulcaster himself had disappeared. All that remained was the burnt-out shell of the school.

In the years that followed, the void left by the destruction of the school was filled by the construction of a temple to Lathander. Acolytes of the Morninglord now bear arms, keep the town’s peace, and, in the absence of an official government, tend to the village’s day-to-day administration. Now, Beregost is prosperous and wealthy. This is a good thing, but has also caused its share of problems.

Banditry in on the rise—a problem that the Flaming Fist of Baldur’s Gate work hard to quell.


Today, Beregost is prosperous and wealthy. It’s position along the Coast Way provides a constant stream of goods, coin, and travelers. The people of Beregost came from humbler beginnings, and are spendthrift. Many of the homes are small, but are in quite good repair and boast sturdy, well-made furnishings as opposed to gaudy ones. New structures are being built all the time as newcomers flock to the town and long-time residents start new endeavors with their new-found wealth. Organizations in Beregost


"The Flaming Fist"[]

Originally a mercenary group from Baldur’s Gate, “the Fist” is now considered the official army and police of the city. While Baldur’s Gate is their main charge, a small garrison is stationed at Beregost and patrols the portion of the Coast Way that connects the two.

Typical Flaming Fist Patrolman.

Primarily human, though other races are present; albeit in the minority. The members of the Flaming Fist wear high-quality arms and armor emblazoned with the group’s logo. Members of the Beregost garrison wear patches bearing the town’s heraldry. By and large, they are professional and courteous, though it is not unheard of to come across a member that is willing to accept a bribe.

The Clergy of the Morninglord[]

The Faithful of Lathander act as the village’s leadership; tending to the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep the town and its villagers safe. Since the establishment of the Flaming Fist garrison in Beregost, the temple no longer concerns itself with maintaining order or patrolling the area surrounding the town, they are called upon on occasion by Lieutenant Rizot in times of urgent need.

The Lathanderites and the Flaming Fist are both concerned about Beregost’s well-being, but the Fists’s strict adherence to the law sometimes vexes the Lathanderites. It doesn’t help that the Dawn Captain and Lieutenant Rizot are not particularly fond of one another.

Dawngreeter Tholman (TOLL-mun)

A male human, Dawngreeter Tholman is in the twilight of his years and knows that soon, he will join the Morninglord in the next life. He is old, frail, and seemingly absentminded. He is also wise, intelligent, and possessive of a very dry, subtle sense of humor.

His silver hair is close-cropped, but often untidy; his face is wrinkled, and usually stubbly. His eyes have gone to cataracts but he is often seen tottering around town tapping the base of his tall, thin staff against the ground, trees, buildings, bystanders, and any other obstacles that might threaten to trip him up.

Tholman has decided that the Dawn Captain shall replace him upon his death, but is concerned that the elf’s ego and unwillingness to lay down his sword may lead him to some brash decisions. The thought of Beregost in the wrong hands troubles him greatly.

Dawn Captain Ez’ellen Thrullan (ees-ELL-en THREW-lin)

A male sun elf and a relative new-comer to Beregost, the Dawn Captain (as he insists upon being addressed; suggesting that use of his actual name is unprofessional), is secretly a member of the Lord’s Alliance sent to Beregost by SEER to monitor the area for giant activity.

The Dawn Captain is the polar opposite of Dawngreeter Tholman; he is no-nonsense, and intolerant of those who would waste his time. He has long, golden-blonde hair, wide green eyes, and pale skin. In combat, he wears a suit of mithral half plate armor and wields a sunblade. He is graceful and elegant in battle and weaves his martial prowess and divine spellcasting to beautiful and deadly effect.

Typical Priest of Lathander

The Lathanderites in Beregost are, for the most part, kind and good. They work for the good of the people, and while they try to work with the Flaming Fist, their personalities often conflict with one another. It is not unknown to see members of the two organizations arguing with one another over a drink or just on the street.

The Nine Thumbs[]

Originally founded by five, less-than-scrupulous residents of Beregost (one of which was missing a thumb), what started as a group of pickpockets that preyed on unwary travelers has turned into a small, but quite lucrative ring of thieves and confidence tricksters. While the group still dabbles in pickpocketing, it’s more or less a hobby among the traditionalists—the real money is in racketeering. In exchange for a fee, members of the organization (who call themselves “Thumbs”), posing as adventurers, protect the caravans from bandits. Those merchants too stingy to pay are waylaid a few leagues down the Coast Way by bandits (who also happen to be Thumbs). Most merchants have learned that it is simply cheaper and easier to just pay the Thumbs a modest “toll” and go along their way.

The group is led by Barton (see below), but the day-to-day operations are run by a group of nine members — referred to individually as Fingers.

Barton (BAR-tun)

A male dwarf, Barton has lived in Beregost his entire life and knows the area surrounding the village like the back of his hand. He’s whip smart, and just as mean. He hides all of this, however, with remarkable skill. To most in town (including almost every member of the Nine Thumbs), he’s the owner and proprietor of Kagain’s Shop (see below). On one night each month, Barton secretly meets with the Fingers in the basement of his shop.

Typical Thumb

While there are some specialists in the organization, most Thumbs are little more than petty thugs. Robbery, pick-pocketing, and banditry are their bread and butter. For the most part, residents of Beregost needn’t worry about the Thumbs; they focus their greed on passers-through.


The following locations can be found within Beregost.

Inns and Taverns[]

Feldepost’s Inn

This quiet inn is popular among older, less rowdy residents and visitors. Originally owned by a gentleman named Feldepost, ownership was transferred to a gentleman named Algernon following a grand dispute over a stolen cloak. It is now owned by Algernon’s great-grandson, Hildrin.

The Burning Wizard Inn

The oldest inn in Beregost. It is quiet with excellent food and drink.

Red Sheaf Inn and Tavern

Prices at this establishment are rather high, and it is typically frequented by merchants and other businessmen looking to impress their peers.

The Jovial Juggler

This public house is popular among the youth of Beregost. It frequently hosts traveling and local musicians, and is typically rowdy and loud.


Thunder Hammer Smithy

This establishment is owned by Shelvan Fuiruim (SHELL-vinn FOO-rimm), grandson of Taerom Fuiruim, a renowned dwarven blacksmith. While he lacks his grandfather’s creativity and ingenuity, Shelvan is no slouch behind an anvil and people come from far and wide to purchase his wares — particularly his weapons.

Kagain’s Shop

Kagain’s Shop originally belonged to a dwarven adventurer from Beregost long, long ago. Now, it is in the hands of his son, Barton (see the Nine Thumbs, above) who uses it as a base of operations for the unofficial thieves’ guild of Beregost.

Given that a large percentage of the wares Barton sells are stolen, prices here are low.

Seven Boxes This shop specializes in adventuring gear. It is run by a retired adventure named Gregan Quill (GRAY-gun KWILL) who maintains a friendly relationship with the merchants that frequent the town.

Shrines and Temples[]

Song of the Morning Temple

The clergy residing at sizeable temple of Lathander is largely responsible for the day-to-day operation of Beregost. A vestibule beside the main temple houses the clergy and acts as a sort of town hall.

The Goldenhall

This small temple of Waukeen acts as a moneylender and purchases and sells trade bars and gems. The head cleric is a miserly, shrewd male gnome named Grindletop Brassfit


There are small, unattended shrines of Corellon Larethian, Tymora, and Chauntea in Beregost. Locations Outside of Beregost

Outside Beregost[]

The Ruins of Ulcaster

The ruins of the wizard school outside of Beregost still remain. These ruins are patrolled by Lathandarite clerics — largely to prevent treasure-seekers from attempting to plunder its treasures. The ruins are one of two locations sought by the Baron Rajiram and his pirate underlings.

The Cloakwood

This forest is populated largely by fey and plant creatures. Historically believed to be the home of numerous planar gates, the sages of Candlekeep believe this to be untrue.