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Male human (Damaran). Scion of House Marsh. Ex-adventurer and swordsman, older cousin to Orrin

Sir Bresden’s well-groomed black goatee, proud posture, and long dark brown ponytail distinguish him from his twin Arden, but they share the same pale skin and kind, soft features, hardened only by a warlike gleam in their blue eyes. Still in his mid-twenties, Bresden is already famed as a swordsman.

His code of honor binds him to protect the church of Selûne and to serve his noble family, especially his younger cousin Lord Orrin and aunt Aislyn. He feels an urgent need for his family to accept his calling as their guardian, as well as a leader when it comes to spiritual matters. Desperate for his brother Arden to return to the family, Bresden is terrified that House Marsh’s former ties to the Cult of the Crushing Wave will become public. He tries to be a voice of morality and reason, but also often checks in with others to ensure he is on solid ethical ground. 

Quote: "That's reasonable, isn't it?"