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Chaab is a human Zhentarim agent. He might not look like much, but there is a menace in his stare and carefully chosen words that lets opponents know how dangerous is the man they're facing.


Chaab was born in Zhentil Keep, or at least what has been rebuilt of it. Where he grew up there weren’t a lot of options for a boy. Chaab's mother wasn’t rich and he never knew his father. He isn’t that religious. He thought about becoming a merc, but he has trouble fighting for somebody else when he doesn’t care about their cause. He has never been a sucker either, so that left him one choice: find an in with the Zhentarim. He did that and it turns out, he's pretty good at it.


Chaab is brusque and precise. He is good to his friends and vicious to his enemies.


Chaab appears in DDEX1-01-2 The Screams at Dawn and DDEX1-5 The Courting of Fire, and in Conversations with Chaab.


What do you want? I don’t have a lot of time for chin-wagging. I’ve got lots to do