Formerly homeless criminals living in the sewers of Mulmaster, Clank fled with Zoya and his band of kenku after running afoul of the Cult of Howling Hatred. Stowing away on a ship bound for Ylraphon, Clank was well-established within the Palisade before most of the other refugees from Mulmaster arrived. Clank is now an important figure in the local Zhentish black market, and has also become the main contact in town for members of the Zhentarim.  The Zhentarim here have profited from a close alliance with a thieves’ guild called the Shadowcloaks, who have expanded their operations northward to Ylraphon in pursuit of more power and influence.

A kenku gang leader and black marketeer, Clank is a newcomer to town, having relocated from Mulmaster like many others. Encountered in squalor during the events of DDEX 2-10 Cloaks and Shadows, here in Ylraphon he wears nicer clothes and looks better fed. Clank is a mean old bird, missing half the feathers on his head. He passes Zhentarim orders on to local faction members and works to keep the town free of Mulmaster’s influence. No one is sure where Clank gets his orders from, but like all kenku, he only speaks using mimicry, so he obviously repeats them verbatim. Clank’s favorite joke is using his mimicry abilities to repeat someone’s words with an insulting gesture or an eye roll.

Quote: (In a male dwarf’s voice.) “This is Ylraphon, my friend, everything is for sale—if you can pay the right price.” 

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