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She is evil and values order and ambition. She wants a full share of whatever treasure the heroes get as well as a full report. She can give the group 8 NPC thugs.

Davra Jassur was an assassin and a member of the Zhentarim during the Rage of Demons. Davra's job for the Zhentarim was to recruit promising valuable assets, but she also silenced those who were possible weaknesses to the organization. During the Rage of Demons, Davra was the Zhentarim delegate to King Bruenor Battlehammer of Gauntlgrym. She was sent to discuss the madness spreading in the Underdark, offering access to Zhentarim outposts in Mantol-Derith but for a price.


Davra was a pragmatic individual, who valued order and discipline as well as drive and ambition above all. She lived to embody those traits.

Ideals: order, discipline, ambition

Personality: Driven, focused, ruthles

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