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Elisande is a dirty, unkempt 12-year-old human urchin girl from a remote island on Stormy Bay on the shores of the Moonsea. She is usually dirty, and appears small due to malnourishment; leading her to be easily mistaken for younger than her age. She is an orphan. She says her parents died of "the chill fever."

In Phlan, she initially stayed with the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud, but soon wandered off without explanation. Doomguide Yovir Glandon and Cassyt have probably met her.


Elisande has no sense of right and wrong and few morals as a result of her upbringing on the odd island. She sneaks about, going where she pleases, often appearing and disappearing without comment.

Unlike most people from her island, she is naturally curious and friendly to outsiders, who she calls "Outsides." She is eager to hear stories of the wider world and to see it for herself. She has been known to follow adventurers, helping them, telling them about what she knows and has observed in her odd dialect, and asking them about the world with a sense of wonder. Also unlike other people from her island, Elisande is gripped by wanderlust. She confidently goes where she pleases and leaves when she likes.

Regarding her accent, Greg Marks (adventure designer of DDEX1-3 Shadows on the Moonsea in which Elisande makes her first appearance) says, "Its always been interesting to me all the different accents people use for her from American Southern to Caribbean to some sort of weird Jar Jar Binks reject. As a writer and DM, I say you should definitely do whatever works for your table and makes your players happiest, but for sake of answering the original question [regarding her accent], the intent was for Elisande and her fellow islanders to speak a degenerate version of Pennsylvanian Dutch/German. So if you ever run into Elisande at my table, she's more Amish than Gungan."

Coming from such an isolated place, Elisande has trouble identifying animals that are not goats or fish.

Statistics, Equipment, and Companions:

Elisande uses the commoner stat block and often carries a knife, which she plays with.

In Phlan, she is accompanied by a black-furred goat from her island. The goat appears to be blind, but inexplicably follows certain individuals who are pure of heart, which it seems to be able to see. The goat ignores things that would bother normal animals.


Elisande led a group of adventurers around her home island in the Stormy Bay in DDEX1-3 Shadows on the Moonsea, then followed them back to Phlan.

She appeared in Phlan in DDEX1-10 Tyranny in Phlan.


Elisande speaks the archaic form of Common still spoken on her home island in Stormy Bay. She refers to people from her island as the "Folk" and everyone else as "Outsides."

“Das the landing. It’s where the Folk reaped da sea's ripe bounty. Course is also weal for swimmin' when da dayfire rises high.”

“Dases be homes to the folk. Outsides mussin' haven homes! Ye not be sleepin' in the rains do ye? Iffen so, ye not want to be botherin' the Folk.”

“Das me house before me mudder and vater were taken by the chill fever. Now wees kept the lunaman there.”

“Da is the barn. House for yan goats.”

“Da pit es the local for speeching wit the crones. Day always clean the drink. All need the drink.”

“Das ye smokenhouse. Not weal aire, but good eat!”

“No, mustin walk the dark wood. The creatures gobble you!”

“Was is da? Mussin' be ya creature of the woods lair!”

Unfamiliar with creatures beyond goats and fish, she has referred to a dragon as “greet wing’d serpante” and the "babies it bringed widdit" and refered to a wyvern as a "biddy [serpante] a wee bit bigger than a ridin’ goat, wiss a man astride it" that "haz a bite like a wasp beastie.”

When asked where she has been, she usually plays with her knife and responds that she has been “lookin’ a’ tings here and tere.”