The Flaming Fist is a mercenary company headquartered in (and fiercely loyal to) Baldur's Gate. The Fist maintains a permanent stronghold in Chult at Fort Beluarian. From there, Flaming Fist patrols strike out into the jungle to "pacify" territory and claim lost treasures. The Flaming Fist has already plundered the ruins of Mezro. Now the mercenaries and their wealthy backers in Baldur's Gate would like nothing better than to do the same to Omu, but they've had no luck locating the lost city. The Flaming Fist's researchers are convinced the city lies south of Lake Luo but east of the Peaks of Flame, at the western end of the Valley of Dread. Because of the distance from Fort Beluarian, they're looking for adventurers to conduct an initial exploration of that area and locate what they believe will be mostly abandoned ruins. The commander of Fort Beluarian and highest ranking member of the Flaming Fist in Chult is Liara Portyr. She holds the rank of blaze (major) and has complete autonomy in Chult, answering only to Duke Ulder Ravengard of Baldur's Gate. Portyr will happily assign some of her mercenaries to accompany adventurers by sea to Refuge Bay or even to Snapping Turtle Bay-either is an excellent starting point for any incursion into the western reach of the Valley of Dread. Only six ranks are recognized within the Flaming Fist: fist (private), gauntlet (corporal), manip (sergeant), flame (lieutenant), blaze (major), and marshal (general).

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