Gwynora Ironheart (female shield dwarf) is the matriarch of the Ironheart Clan, a family of dwarves well-established in Ylraphon. She and her family own and run a number of businesses in town and are well known by the populace both inside and outside the Palisade. While not a Harper, she is closely allied with  Those Who Harp. 

Matriarch of the dwarf merchant clan Ironheart and mostrespected member of the Merchant Council that rules the town, Gwynora was once an adventurer, but gave it up to raise her son, Bartrek (who is now grown and operates the Ironhearts’ alchemy shop). She has an authoritative demeanor occasionally set off by a mischievous smirk, and her probing green eyes seem to divine the secret measure of those who cross her path. Gwynora's voice is smooth as silk yet strong as steel. Several months pregnant, this red-haired dwarven lady descends from royalty, and it shows. Centuries ago her ancestor, Deep King Tuir “Stonebeard,”  forged the lost dwarf kingdom of Roldilar in these lands; now Gwynora has built a fiefdom of her own, growing what was once a tiny outpost into the prosperous port of Ylraphon

Quote: “The only way to rise above our circumstances is to work together: one and all, native and refugee, merchant and adventurer.” 

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