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Hawk’s Nest is a fortified settlement that overlooks Silverymoon Pass, built to defend the pass against orc hordes and other threats, thus protecting Silverymoon’s eastern flank. Perched atop a rocky crag and surrounded by high battlements, Hawk’s Nest is under the protection of the Order of the Gauntlet. High stone walls enclose a keep and a densely packed village that includes three small temples (dedicated to Helm, Torm, and Tyr), a blacksmith, a leatherworker, a caravan supplier, a rough-and-tumble tavern (the Spiked Gauntlet), and two cozy yet spacious inns (the Hawk’s Roost and the Inn of the Silver Sword).

The Lord of Hawk’s Nest is Arthus Cavilos (LG male Damaran human knight of Tyr), a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. His wife, Lady Fenris Agathonn (LG female Damaran human mage), is the great grand niece of Lord Taern Hornblade of Silverymoon. Arthun and Fenris have two spirited daughters, Lavencia and Eryl; one is training to be a wizard, the other a knight of Tyr like her father.

Lord Cavilos raises hippogriffs, which the knights of Hawk’s Nest train as mounts and use to patrol the trade road between Silverymoon and Sundabar. Characters who are looking for an expeditious means of travel can petition Lord Cavilos to ferry them to their destination on the backs of hippogriffs. If the characters impress upon him the urgency of their mission, Lord Cavilos commands his fellow knights to fly the characters where they need to go, then return to Hawk’s Nest with the hippogriffs. A hippogriff carrying a knight and one other rider must rest for 1 hour for every 3 hours it flies, and can travel about 54 miles per day.