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DC 11 Intelligence (History) - Marshes are an old noble family of the Moonsea, exiled from their ancestral holdings in Vaasa after the Spellplague, who have also held land in the areas of Ylraphon and Phlan since ancient times. Until she took ill, the family matriarch Lady Myrandah was a member of the Merchant Council that rules the town.

DC 14 Intelligence (History) - Marshes have an old connection to the sea, and that one branch of the family is mostly water genasi, descended from a Marsh who was a marid’s lover. Members of this branch often worship Umberlee.  

DC 17 Intelligence (History) - Marshes are known for internal religious conflicts between those family members who worship Umberlee and the main branch who worship Selûne. It is even rumored that some family members were once part of the Cult of the Crushing Wave, one of the Elemental Evil cults that devastated the Moonsea port of Mulmaster.  

Members of House Marsh

Aislyn Marsh

Sir Bresden Marsh

Lord Orrin Marsh