An auburn-haired, olive-skinned half-elf in red robes with a Calishite accent, Ilasera always has a distant look in her eyes, as if attentive to a world beyond the one around her. She seems to lack knowledge of civilized customs, but is more eager to discuss local animals and plants, and the goals of the Emerald Enclave (for which she is the main local contact). She always brings conversations back around to the wildlife of the Flooded Forest and the cause she speaks of as her sacred duty: recovering the balance between the swamp and civilization. She believes the natural order of this region—and the world—must be set right at all costs. 

Quote: “I grew up with humans, but now I live in the Flooded Forest with beasts and monsters. They’re easier to trust.” 

DC 14 Intelligence (History or Nature) checks (Emerald Enclave members roll with advantage) reveal the druid Ilasera is nearly revered in Ylraphon. Her ability to reclaim marshland as stable ground enables the town’s growth. She permanently purified the well in the Hunter’s Market, the only reliable source of safe drinking water in the town. The locals also tell you that Ilasera is hermit-like, aloof, and more comfortable with beasts than people. Of all the townsfolk, she is only close to Aislyn.  

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