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Gwynora Ironheart, female shield dwarf, pregnant matriarch of the Ironheart Clan, leading member of the Merchant Council that rules Ylraphon. Part-owner of Hostettler’s House. Offers reward for the Blood Metal Crown.

Karl Stormbright, male gold dwarf warrior, Gwynora’s fiancé and bodyguard and father to her unborn child, youngest brother to Tarn and Garm. Too affable to be Captain of the Town Watch.

Garm Stormbright, male gold dwarf paladin, head of the shrine to Berronar Truesilver called the Argent Hearth, younger brother to Tarn, elder brother to Karl. Really, really doesn’t want to be Captain of the Town Watch.

Tarn Stormbright, male gold dwarf lawman, brother to Karl and Garm. Eldest Stormbright, later becomes Captain of the Guard.