Iselci Mondas, female water genasi monk, leader of a water-worshiping ki martial arts cult. Seeks to assassinate Sir Bresden Marsh (thinking him guilty of Arden’s past deeds). Iselci Mondas uses the same stats as a githzerai zerth with the following changes: •   Iselci can breathe both air and water. •   Iselci has a Wisdom of 20 (raising her AC to 19 and giving her a spell save DC of 16 and +8 to hit with spell attacks) •   The following spells are added to Iselci’s Innate Spellcasting trait: At will: shape water* 1/day: create or destroy water (*= This spell also appears in DM Appendix 7: Special Spells.)   Background. Iselci is a water genasi monk with psionic powers who came down here to kill Sir Bresden, aided by her cult, the Sunken Shadows. She believes Sir Bresden’s betrayal of the Cult of the Crushing Wave in Mulmaster caused her liege Crispin Marsh (father of Arden and Bresden and a leader of the cult) to die 

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