High Blade Jaseen Drakehorn (juh-SEEN). Edit[edit | edit source]

The current High Blade of Mulmaster has been in the service of Bane for her entire life. Abandoned on the steps of the Black Lord's Altar in Mulmaster as an infant, she was raised on the edicts of the faith and became a powerful paladin of Bane in her own right. She no longer swings a sword; she does him greater glory in subjugating an entire people in his name. While still relatively young, she is cold, calculating, and merciless in her dealings-- those who disobey, die. Her once dark hair has gone to grey and is closely-cropped. She has sharp and angular features, with piercing grey eyes. She is typically seen wearing fine clothing of blacks, grays, and reds; trimmed with white fur as is typical in Mulmaster.

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