Jotan Silverhammer, male shield dwarf rogue, Lieutenant Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild of Ylraphon, who is also a sergeant in the volunteer town guard. His loyal adventuring comrades are two elves: the skilled thief Acclifferaeth (known locally as "Clif") and the wilderness scout Gythen Wildwood.

Clad in the wintry garb of the north no matter the weather, this steel-eyed dwarf sports a well-kept platinum beard, a brace of daggers holstered across his torso, and the bemused gaze of someone who suspects he’s seen it all. Though some would call him a criminal, Jotan acts to preserve the wild freedom that he believes makes Ylraphon unique. He is jovial, friendly, manipulative, and absolutely ruthless when crossed. A selfdescribed “dwarf of many parts,” Jotan is leader of an adventuring party with his two elven friends, as well as assistant guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild of Ylraphon, lieutenant to the captain of the Town Watch, a respected ally of the Zhentarim, and—secretly—the leader of the Shadowcloaks, Ylraphon’s thieves’ guild.

Quote: “I’m here to save this town, whether they know it or not.” 

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