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Kelson was a man of very few words. He really like being a guide for the dukes's hunts or teaching the secrets of the wild to young rangers. His decision to go against the Thayans had less to do with fighting evil but more with protecting Shalendra Floshin and showing her that his half-elf blood was worth more than she once thought. Kelson, however, also couldn't resist the idea of a last mission against the forces of evil.


Kelson was the grandson of Elorfindar Floshin and a nephew of Darfin Floshin. He worked as hunt master for the dukes of Daggerford for generations, starting with Duke Pryden Daggerford.[2] Nobody knew the Misty Forest and High Moor better than him. On a number of occasions, Kelson helped Sir Isteval.[3]

In 1486 DR, he agreed to a last mission against the Red Wizards of Thay based in Daggerford.[1]