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Krim Dragul, male orc paladin of the god Ilneval, Omidon’s cousin, seeks to reclaim an ancestral legacy and change orcish society forever.

Krim is a natural rebel, yet he prides himself on discipline, stoicism, and self-control. Kin to King Obould Many-Arrows, he believes orcs can raise cities and empires as great as those of humans, and considers Ilneval the greatest of the orc gods, with Gruumsh having held orcs back from greatness. He is descended from the leaders of the blood orcs, and shares both their physical traits and beliefs. An ally of the Order of the Gauntlet, he plays the part of the savage orc here to fool his enemies. He is a warlord with the following altered traits:

•  Race is orc

•  Alignment is Lawful Neutral

•  Add History +5 to Skills

•   As a bonus action, Krim can cast the spare the dying cantrip or move up to his speed toward a hostile creature that he can see.

•   Magical effects which specifically target or affect orcs do not treat Krim as an orc.

•  Krim is immune to the effects of deepdelve fever

•  Krim can innately cast the following spells (his spellcasting ability is Charisma), requiring no material components: 

1/day each: aura of purity, cure wounds (as a 4th-level spell), dimension door

Lore: Clan Dragul

DC 12 Intelligence (History) checks (orcs and half-orcs roll with advantage) recall that Clan Dragul is a feared orc horde that has terrorized caravans on the nearby Hunt Trail and hunters in the Flooded Forest for centuries. The name “Dragul” is an Orcish word meaning “dragon-blooded,” a reference to a legendary half-blue dragon ancestor.

Those who roll 15 or higher have heard that the clan’s shamans of Gruumsh have an unusual fear of their spiritual leadership being usurped by worshipers of the other orc gods.

Rolls of 18 or higher remember tales of Clan Dragul keeping their lair amid the roots of a great and powerful tree, with hungry roots that claimed the unwary as sacrifices.