With Zelbross, Orlbar, and Llorkh in ruins, Loudwater is the last bastion of civilization in the Delimbiyr Vale east of Secomber. If the town is worried, it doesn’t show it. Loudwater provides a welcome respite for weary caravan and riverboat drivers, not to mention adventurers. It lies on both sides of the Delimbiyr River, the two halves linked by an arching stone overpass built by dwarves to honor the elves. Ancient wards placed on the overpass to preserve it had an unintended magical side effect: river trout attempting to swim under the bridge are propelled over it instead, which is why locals refer to it as the Flying Fish Bridge. People crossing the bridge are occasionally struck by these fish, which deal no damage. Whenever a fish hits a traveler and flops onto the bridge, it’s a local custom (and considered good luck) to toss the fish back into the river. Once a home to elves, Loudwater is a human town today. Its grand wood-and-stone buildings are overgrown by vines and hung with flowering plants. Streets curl and meander. Huge, old trees line the riverbanks, and gardens and bowers are everywhere. The town replaced its earthen rampart with a wall years ago, but the wall has flowers growing along its foundations both inside and outside the settlement. The river is unusually wide here, providing the town with space for a modest harbor. The High Lord’s Hall is a mansion on the north side of the river. The town’s current high lord is Telbor Zazrek (N male Damaran human mage), a retired adventurer and well-paid puppet of the Zhentarim who enjoys the power that has been handed to him. Through Zazrek, the Black Network maintains an invisible stranglehold on the town. All goods that aren’t supplied by the Zhentarim are heavily taxed, and the cost of living in Loudwater is so high that all of its establishments are forced to charge exorbitant prices.

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