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Marten Foss is a dwarven male of middling age with short black hair and a well-trimmed black beard, well streaked with gray. He lost his arm decades ago to an owlbear. His wife (and his daughter Vera's mother) died when his daughter was young, and the only way he knew how to raise her was as a warrior.

Although he is retired, Marten runs a small practice yard in Scholar's Square in Phlan. For a gold piece, someone with a desire to learn how to swing a sword can come to bang away on chunks of wood for an hour or two under the watchful eye of someone who knows what they're doing. For two, he'll tell you what you're doing wrong.


A former adventurer himself, Marten shares a special kinship with Ren o' the Blade and collects items that once belonged to the famous ranger. Amongst his belongings is a collection of the ranger's memoirs. Though most of the collection is in Mantor's Library, he keeps one particular volume in his office.


Marten is a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. Marten's daughter, Vera, is his best student; he hasn't seen anyone fight like her in years.


Marten appears in DDEX1-6 The Scroll Thief.


“Come 'bout the book, I suppose?"