Mirabar is the richest city of the North by far. It sits atop a knoll on the north side of the Mirar River like an unassailable fortress, enclosed on all sides by sloped outer walls as wide at the base as many city blocks in Waterdeep. Defenders can fire arrows down from atop the walls, or, in winter, pour water down them to make ice slides. There is no shortage of stone and weaponry. Even the docks have battlements and fortifications. Visitors to Mirabar often wonder why they don’t see more dwarves, as humans make up the majority of the city’s surface dwellers. Another city lies just below the surface, and that place is dominated by dwarves. Underground, Mirabar is a city of lit residential caverns, superheated forges, foundries that operate day and night, and tunnels leading to the mines. Mirabar’s marchion, Selin Ramur (LN male Damaran human noble), meets with the other members of the Lords Alliance to ensure that Mirabar’s interests aren’t ignored. While the marchion handles foreign policy, true power within the city rests with the Council of Sparkling Stones, a group of dwarf elders that manages the city’s security and decides where the output of Mirabar’s mines are sold. The city’s defense falls to the Axe of Mirabar, a well-armed garrison. All members of the Axe of Mirabar are shield dwarves.

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