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The parlor in Moongleam Tower contains austere furnishings and a dozen harmless, domesticated tressym behaving like house cats. A silent alarm spell notifies Krowen Valharrow, the tower’s resident archmage, of the party’s arrival. The dotty old wizard enters the parlor shortly after the characters appear, greets them warmly, and grants them free access to a secret network of teleportation circles until, as he puts it, “the Harpers decide otherwise”.

Krowen Valharrow is well aware of “the giant problem.” Krowen knows that giants and dragons have a long history of conflict, and he suspects that the dragons might somehow be responsible (directly or indirectly) for the giants’ uprising.

Krowen isn’t very adventurous himself, but he’s fond of adventurers and uses them to do his dirty work. If the characters explain that they’re trying to thwart the giants, Krowen grants the party free access to a secret network of teleportation circles that he and his fellow Harper wizards use for travel. He also gives the characters a sheet of parchment that shows all six circles and their sigil addresses (show the players this handout). The circles are located in Everlund, Loudwater, Mirabar, Neverwinter, Waterdeep, and Yartar

Everlund Circle

The teleportation circle in Everlund is located inside a circular chamber in Moongleam Tower. An arcane lock spell has been cast on the chamber door, though tower mages can bypass it. Krowen has assigned a brusque but reliable apprentice named Nespril Menk (LG male Damaran human mage) to watch over this circle during the day, and a lazy, sleep-deprived apprentice named Flewen Aldhark (NG male Chondathan human mage) to mind the circle at night. If the characters arrive while Flewen is on duty, there is a 90 percent chance he’s propped up in a chair, sound asleep.

Loudwater Circle

The teleportation circle in Loudwater is located in a 30-foot-square cellar under a tavern called the Smiling Satyr. Tucked underneath a wooden staircase is an unmade bed where the circle’s attending mage sleeps. His name is Revil Slombarr (CG male Chondathan human mage). He’s a heavyset young man who shirks his duties from time to time to visit nearby festhalls. There is a 50 percent chance that Revil is absent when the characters arrive, in which case he returns after 1d4 hours.

The stairs leads up to a secret door that opens inside a large wooden trunk bolted to the floor above. Characters who climb out of the trunk find themselves in a curtained cloakroom near the taproom. A Harper sympathizer named Gharwin Umbryl (LG male human commoner) runs the Smiling Satyr and does his best to cover for Revil.

Mirabar Circle

The Mirabarran authorities would be angry to learn that the Harpers have compromised the city’s security by constructing a permanent teleportation circle within Mirabar’s walls. The circle is inscribed in a stable house loft and can be quickly hidden under hay. The circle’s attendant, Zazspar Bronzefire (LG male shield dwarf mage), poses as a stablehand, complete with leather overalls and straw in his beard.

Neverwinter Circle

The circle in Neverwinter is drawn on the floor of an attic, in a creaky old three-story rowhouse that the Harpers use as a meeting place. Minding the circle is a confident but socially awkward young woman named Sandyse Thunderquill (NG female Tethyrian human mage), whom the Harpers are training to infiltrate the Arcane Brotherhood. Stairs lead from the attic down to a study, where Sandyse surrounds herself with lit candles and piles of open books.

Waterdeep Circle

The Waterdeep circle is located inside a raised crypt in Waterdeep’s walled cemetery, the City of the Dead. The crypt has two levels, and the name Myrna is inscribed above its entrance (which is sealed with an arcane lock spell). The topmost level is the crypt itself, which contains a stone sarcophagus watched over by a shield guardian that is trained to lift the lid whenever someone speaks the name Myrna aloud. The sarcophagus contains a stone staircase leading down to a magically lit room. The circle is on the floor of this chamber, which also includes a small study alcove and a cot for its attending mage, a pale wisp of a girl named Thestryl Mellardin (LG female Chondathan human mage). She wears the shield guardian’s control amulet around her neck.

Yartar Circle

The Harpers purchased a villa in the heart of Yartar that was about to be torn down. Behind the dilapidated building is a 40-foot-square garden patio enclosed by an 8-foot-high wall of ivy-covered stone. A hallucinatory terrain spell conceals not only the teleportation circle inscribed in the middle of the patio but also the broken benches, weed-infested flowerbeds, and shattered statuary that surround the circle. While the hallucinatory terrain spell is in effect, the garden looks as it did in its heyday, with statues of frolicking dryads and satyrs situated among the flowers and stone benches. A cantankerous old Harper named Kolbaz (NG male Calishite human mage) dwells in the villa and renews the hallucinatory terrain spell every day at highsun (he has that spell prepared instead of ice storm). He uses his cantrips to frighten away squatters and other unwanted intruders.