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The Moonsea is a region in north Faerûn. The region is dominated by the large titular sea that is connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south by the River Lis. The shoreline is a wild, frontier area that is home to several city states dominated by despots. The region does not have a capital. The Moonsea is not necessarily a safe place to live and its settlers are driven and independent as a result.

Cities in the Region

• Hillsfar: a large trading city located on Tailings Bay.

• Hulburg: a small city on the northeast shore ruled by the Hulmaster family, and protected by the shieldsworn guard.

• Melvaunt: a city on the northern side of the Moonsea and adjacent to the Great Gray Land of Thar. It is ruled by the Lord of Keys. The lands surrounding Melvaunt are among the most dangerous in the region.

• Mulmaster: a dangerous metropolis on the eastern shore.

• Northkeep: a sunken city was the once first human settlement on the shores of the Moonsea.

• Phlan: a small city located in the northern section of the Moonsea region at the mouth of the Stojanow River.

• Thentia: a city on the north coast of the Moonsea.

• Voonlar: a land conquered by the Zhentarim.

• Zhentil Keep: the main base of operations for the Zhentarim.

Regional Information (as of 1372 DR)

• Common Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Lawful Evil

• Racial Proportions:

• Humans - 69%

• Orcs - 10%

• Half-Orcs - 6%

• Halflings - 5%

• Dwarves - 5%

• Ogres - 2%

• Gnomes - 2%

• Other - 1%

• Common Religions: Bane, Cyric, Loviatar, Mask, Talos, Talona, Umberlee

• Population: 1,745,280

Imports: Food, textiles