Once known as the Jewel of the North, the city of Neverwinter was badly damaged when nearby Mount Hotenow (see the “Neverwinter Wood” section) erupted about fifty years ago. Now, the City of Skilled Hands works furiously to rebuild itself. Neverwinter’s reconstruction is far from complete, however. Some of its outer walls still lie in ruins, and several of its neighborhoods remain abandoned. Even so, the great chasm to the Underdark that opened within the city has been magically sealed (at great expense), and that achievement bodes well for Neverwinter’s future. Dagult Neverember is the Lord Protector of Neverwinter, ruling in the absence of a true heir to Neverwinter’s crown. At present, no legitimate heirs are known to exist, and many believe that the royal line is dead. Lord Neverember is taking no chances, though. He quietly pays off or disposes of anyone who claims to be a member of the Alagondar bloodline. Neverember was formerly the Open Lord of Waterdeep as well, maintaining residences and offices in both cities. In the wake of several political scandals, Neverember was deposed as Open Lord and forced to flee Waterdeep. Now he lives in Neverwinter all year round and strives to see Neverwinter eclipse Waterdeep in wealth and prosperity. Neverember, who was courted and ultimately betrayed by sycophantic nobles and guildmasters in Waterdeep, doesn’t want a repeat of those events in Neverwinter. Thus, he levies heavy taxes against the wealthy, preventing noble families from gaining a political foothold in the city, and has enacted harsh laws that prevent guilds from being formed.

Neverwinter is a member of the Lords' Alliance, and Neverember supports the efforts of the organization to spread civilization throughout the North and hires adventurers to help protect the city and its interests. Still, his main concern is to rebuild Neverwinter and its economy while keeping a tight hold on the reins of power.

The Order of the Gauntlet has a strong presence in Neverwinter. Most of its resident members are clerics and knights of Helm, Torm, and Tyr, along with their acolytes and squires.

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