With pale skin, icy blue eyes, and the beginnings of a beard the same color as his short auburn hair, 17-year-old Lord Orrin is small and slim, but has a natural bearing of command. Though well-mannered and generally pleasant, he expects deference and obedience from those below his station. Smarter than nearly everyone he meets, Orrin feels obligated to give others orders for their own good. A chess master, he always thinks twenty moves ahead, and finds it tedious to explain his plans to those who can’t keep up. He has enjoyed his time as an adventurer with his cousin Sir Bresden, but now he’s ready to shift his focus to House Marsh’s day-to-day needs.

Quote: “I may be young, but I know we nobles have a moral obligation to help those in need, regardless of whether those in need are equal to or below us.” 

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