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Important Locations[]

Civic Structures[]

Denlor’s Tower The Docks Podol Plaza Scholar’s Square Thorn Island Sokol Keep Stojanow Gate Valjevo Castle

Religious Structures[]

The Dawn Fane (abandoned temple to Lathander) Lyceum of the Black Lord (ruined temple to Bane)

Inns and Taverns[]

The Bitter Blade The Cracked Crown The Laughing Goblin Madame Freona’s Tea Kettle Nat Wyler’s Bell The Velvet Doublet


Cockburn’s Grocery Ernst’s Livery Jerome of Melvaunt Mantor’s Library Matteo the Weaponsmith Podol Prophet

Surrounding Region[]

Dragonspine Mountains Grass Sea Moonsea Aleston Vig’s Dock Pool of Radiance Quivering Forest Kabel’s Hill Stojanow River Grimshackle Jail Tickleberry Hills Twilight Marsh The Crossing Inn Valhingen Graveyard Welltran Crypt

Organizations Active in the City[]

House Cadorna House Sokol Order of the Black Fist The Ironhanded The Merchants’ Guild The Welcomers

Key NPCs[]

Nobles and Notables[]

  • Lord Protector Ector Brahms
  • Agin Lamarck
  • Braden Yil
  • Liela
  • Lord Sage of Phlan
  • Yanna Hammerbound

Black Fists[]

  • Knight Commander Ector Brahms
  • Knight Captain Jhessail Greycastle
  • Knight Aleyd Burral
  • Knight Sahnd Krulek (expelled)
  • Guard Sergeant Grim Thornbuck
  • Guard Sergeant Hurn


  • Aya Glenmiir
  • Cassra Brandywine
  • Dark Linsa
  • Darvag
  • Delwyn Ilar
  • Durnam Goblinkicker
  • Ellywick Dongolin
  • Fat Mar (Markoth Hasselpond)
  • Fillistrom Wunderkundoodle
  • Garda Greenleaf
  • Glevith
  • Grig Wyler
  • Imizael
  • Karst
  • Madame Freona
  • Marten Foss
  • Millivent Moss
  • Rillo Leadstopper
  • Rolk
  • Rorin
  • Shandra
  • Tad Staslep
  • Tross
  • Trunkey Lighttouch


  • Buhrell Caah
  • Chaab
  • Dornal Whitebeard
  • Kral
  • Lureene Dundragon
  • Olisara Lightsong
  • Seranolla the Whisperer
  • Yllivia
  • Zern Xerkstil, the Hammer of Impiltur


  • Acolyte Cassyt
  • Acolyte Elden Mymn
  • Brother Keefe
  • Doomguide Yovir Glandon

NPCs in Phlan

Phlan is the setting of the D&D Expeditions and D&D Epics adventures in season 1, Tyranny of Dragons.

Aleyd Burral

Braden Yil

Lord Regent Ector Brahms


Madame Freona

Lord Sage Master Opanrael

Doomguide Yovir Glandon


Fat Mar (Markoth Hasselpond)


Durnam Goblinkicker