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The city is divided into six districts. Each are as follows:

  • Harbor Ward. A majority of the trade vessels use these docks, their crews and passengers make their way through here. It sits between the Market and Merchant Wards 
  • Market Ward. Located in the eastern portion of the city, this is where most of the tradesfolk and middle class live and work. 
  • Merchant’s Ward. Covering the western half of the city, this area houses the Grand Souk – the city’s marketplace, as well as the residences of the Merchant Princes. 
  • Old City. Built around the ruins of ancient ziggurats, many underprivileged laborers reside here in makeshift bamboo huts. 
  • Malar’s Throat. The city’s poorest live in this region in rows of old shacks at the edge of a ravine connected by narrow rope bridges on either side. 
  • Tiryki Anchorage. This area east of the city has inexpensive housing for visitors and explorers, as well as unregulated docks along the shore.