Adventurersleague Wiki

Lady Bister, LN female copper dragonborn knight, mercenary chaplain of the Red Knight and expert in military tactics, lone survivor of a doomed dungeon-delve (Lords Alliance)

Drath of the Shining Lands, LN male Durpari human knight, pathologically curious, split the party while adventuring in the ruins by opening the wrong secret door (Harpers) 

Sutora Jubei, CG male drow elf archer, raised in the isles of Wa, came west with a Chiang Emporium caravan to seek his drow kin, lost in the Flooded Forest (Emerald Enclave) 

Starlanthra, NG female dusk elf archer, wandered through the Mists from Barovia many years ago while fleeing a massacre by the evil lord Strahd’s enforcer Rahadin 

Darkhelm, LE male drow elf (stats as Eternal Flame priest), born Kaltheas Ned'razak, exiled son of the archmage ruler of Szith Morcane, turned on his allies in the ruins (Zhentarim) 

Dreagan, CN female tiefling (stats as Eternal Flame priest), raised by the unicorn Dialon in the Flooded Forest, tracked cultists of Tiamat into a dwarven tomb (Emerald Enclave) 

Veridian, LG female githyanki warrior turned constable, with glowing green tattoos, exiled for showing mercy to githzerai, wandered through a portal from Sigil (Order of the Gauntlet) 

Ismael Djaduur, NG male Bedine human (stats as a githyanki warrior), swordsman with psychic gifts, came to these lands hunting vampires who enslaved his nomadic tribe 

Mingh, CN female tabaxi (feline humanoid) swashbuckler, Shadowcloaks member, sells black market alchemy and illicit consumables, betrayed at meeting in the ruins (Zhentarim) 

Rualdor Thann, CG male half-elf swashbuckler, carefree Waterdhavian noble, friend and ally of House Marsh, entered the underground as part of Bresden’s party (Harpers) 

Hojo Mashiko, N female Shou human martial arts adept, from the distant realm of Kozakura, member of the Sunken Shadows’ rival monk clan, followed Iselci here seeking a duel 

Henry of Sudia’s Spire, CG male lightfoot halfling martial arts adept wanderer from another world, escaped from a crashed mind flayer nautiloid long ago, when elves still ruled Ylraphon