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A tall, lean woman in her mid-thirties, Zora Rosealine Culkin has short, jet-black hair that frames her pale face. She typically wears an ornate breastplate enameled in the colors of her house; red and cream, with an equally impressive rapier at her hip. Over her armor, she wears a long, fur-trimmed coat of fine red and cream leather. (Male and female heads of noble houses in Mulmaster are referred to as zor and zora, respectively.)

Zora Culkin was a member of the Cloaks in her youth, but upon her ascension to the head of House Culkin, she chose to leave the Cloaks and the use of magic (though she does admit to a cantrip now and then). However, she still enjoys studying magical theory and lore, and she continues to use her personal sigils as her signature.

Zora Culkin is a member of the Lords' Alliance.


Zora Culkin is pretty much what you would expect a Mulmaster noble to be. She is polite albeit a bit impersonal, and of course, striking to look at. She is also quite insightful, able to paint a surprisingly detailed picture of a person after only a brief conversation.

One does not live to a ripe old age in Mulmaster without a healthy dose of suspicion, and Culkin intends to live a long, long time. That said, she feels a true responsibility to the people who populate her holdings.


Zora Culkin appears in DDEX2-2 Embers of Elmwood.