A contrast with the bookish demeanor of most wizards, this charismatic nobleman in fine robes cuts a dashing figure. Born into wealth, Salvar Brix simply assumes that most people will obey his orders, and that anyone who doesn’t can be bought. Brix loves fine things, but loves secrets—magical or otherwise—even more. He loves turning situations to his advantage with the right words, playing off others’ hidden motivations. He is quick to assume the aid of those who seem useful and quick to dismiss those who don’t. Preferring the safety of a research lab to the perils of adventure, Brix thrived in Mulmaster’s guild of wizardry, the Cloaks, and seeks to build something similar in Ylraphon. He keeps a menagerie of unusual pets in his towers, and is more attached to them than he is to most people.

   Quote: “The fall of the Cloaks of Mulmaster was a tragedy, but can we not build something in Ylraphon even greater?” 

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