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Captain of the Soldiery and a member of the Hawks. Sark Tolliver is not one to shout threats or mince words. Any threats he deigns to make are delivered in his customarily soft voice, though he rarely needs to resort to threats, with the weight of his office behind him.

Sark Tolliver works for the Elemental Cults, but is not truly a member. He has a younger half-brother who was brainwashed into the Cult of the Eternal Flame, and he has received assurances that the younger Tolliver will only survive if Sark cooperates with the Cult’s leadership. This means that he works actively to send reports to the Cult’s leadership and to suppress information that may lead to discovery of the Cult’s existence, whereabouts, and motives.


Tolliver's eyes are hard and bespeak years of horrific sights. Though he has lines in his grim, gaunt face, it is difficult to pinpoint his exact age, partially due to his shaved head and bare face. His weapons evidence years of wear and are practical rather than exotic.


Tolliver appears in DDEX2-2 Embers of Elmwood.