Sebastian Emberstar (male fire genasi) is the head of the Emberstar Exchange, an eclectic group of outcaststurned-craftsmen of many races. The Emberstars are known as advocates for the common people (including both local Ylraphites, and the transplanted refugees). It is no secret that this attitude starts with the merchant house’s leader. Sebastian has no faction affiliations, but is peripherally aware of their various activities and ideals.

Sebastian Emberstar is a well-known figure in Ylraphon, far beyond his striking, rust-colored skin, piercing eyes, and bright orange hair. He is respected as the fiery yet charismatic head of the Emberstar Exchange. Sebastian is mercurial, but better at keeping his impulses in check than most fire genasi. An expert flatterer with a vise-like memory and a disarming smile, he excels at grasping small details and transforming them into a shared personal connection. This social adroitness is the result of feeling that he must overcome suspicion and mistrust based on his heritage as a fire genasi. Most of the time, he remains intensely focused on advancing his merchant house and its fortunes, but he is easily distracted by beauty, fine craftsmanship, and mystery. 

Quote: “To accept the ordinary is to accept defeat; this town’s people must build their future on their own terms.”

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