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A wealthy lord and refugee from the recently devastated Mulmaster, Serge Affapanov (male Damaran human) is making efforts to gain power in his new hometown. He was recently inducted into Ylraphon’s ruling Merchant Council, a position he plans to leverage towards his end goal of developing Ylraphon into a trading power of its own, a new incarnation of his beloved Mulmaster.   


Everything about Serge is big: his stature, his nose, his voice. He fills the room, laughing and telling stories. He appreciates fine things, and constantly notes the origin of any exotic thing he is eating, drinking, or wearing. Beneath his ostentatious exterior, however, he is a brilliant and calculating political mind, motivated by boundless ambition and a ruthless competitive streak. His family, name, and noble station are everything to him; anyone who disrespects one of those is marked for a cruel and cunning punishment. Self-important to the point of narcissism, Serge will not rest until Affapanov is the most respected and powerful name in the Moonsea. 

Quote: “With my vision, I shall bring this town and these people up from the muck in which we all now tread.”