The Gem of the North is a fitting epithet for Silverymoon: a beautiful, tranquil city where trees and gardens live in harmony with buildings, bridges, and sculptures. Silverymoon is an enlightened place, with a great library, breathtaking temples and shrines, and respected schools of magic, art, and music. Its beauty awes visitors and is the subject of many bardic songs and tales. High Marshal Methrammar Aerasumé, the city’s lord, resides in a tall, slender palace on the east side of the city and commands Silverymoon’s knight-defenders. The city’s magical defenses are even more formidable than the knights and have served the city well for years. Silverymoon is also a haven for Harpers—not surprising, given that many Harpers are wizards and bards. Grand and enlightened though the city may be, Silverymoon’s reputation was tarnished by its halfhearted efforts in aid of Sundabar during the War of the Silver Marches. The city remains a powerful and influential member of the Lords Alliance, however.

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