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Sir Lanniver reveals that he’s concerned about another member of the Order of the Gauntlet named Dannika Zarrn, a knight of Helm who has joined a splinter faction of the Order of the Gauntlet called the Order of the Gilded Eye. Sir Lanniver provides the following information about the organization if the characters seem interested in learning more.

  • The Gilded Eye has taken root in Helm’s Hold, a monastery south of Neverwinter.
  • The Gilded Eye believes that demons and their vile worshipers are spreading corruption throughout the North.
  • Gilded Eye inquisitors have taken their worship of Helm to extremes and are determined to destroy anyone they believe is under the demons’ sway, as well as anyone who challenges the edicts or their beliefs.

Sir Lanniver Strayl - LG male Tethyrian human knight wearing a cloak of protection.

lf he's of a mind to provide aid, sir Lanniver pledges five human veterans oftheorder to the party's mission.

The veterans’names are Thora Nabal, Sylrien Havennor, Olaf Renghyi, Elias Drako.and Tamryn Tharke. Sir Lanniverean also offer a member of the party a +1 warhammer, one of a handful of treasures held in trust by the order. He prefers to bestow this weapon on a good or neutral aligned cleric or paladin.