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Ranking member of the Harpers. Wren is a well-known local whose lack of sober wit and judgment may have enmeshed him into one of the city's darkest secrets.

Soggy Wren is friendly almost to the point of being rude about it. He is astonishingly adept at gauging the level of intoxication the object of his attention is and more adept still at figuring out what they prefer to drink. In his youth, he was a talented sorcerer, but he has let his thirst for the drink take priority over his thirst for honing his magical talents.

That aside, he bears an intense hatred of "party-poopers" and bears little patience for people displaying evil-tendencies in his presence. His close "professional" relationships with most of the tavern owners in town means that those that cross him find themselves with a place to quench their thirst.


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