Somidorr is an elderly half-drow smuggler who has operated in Tantras for over a century. Originally from the southern nation of Durpar, in the Shining Lands, he’s bald, with skin and eyes as dark and brown as forestwood. Hailing from a land where traders are more highly skilled than in other nations of Faerun, Somidorr made a number of shrewd decisions early on in his illicit trade, becoming very rich and dangerous. He’s always sought to increase his own power with the acquisition of magical items, and doesn't care who he takes them from or how, which led him to ally with the Shadowcloaks. He knows Jotan Silverhammer leads the Shadowcloaks in Ylraphon, and that the dwarf is a trusted associate of the Night Hood, who leads the entire guild from Calaunt. Somidorr fears the Night Hood greatly, and is eager to make sure any deal with the Shadowcloaks goes smoothly.

Quote: “No trouble, no complications, and no loose ends.”

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