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Population: 200+ in 1490 DR. An additional 10,000 people reside in outlying farms, duchies, earldoms, and fiefdoms.

Themes: Ancient tradition, frontier wilderness.

The People of Stagwick[]

Stagwick is a small farming community on the shores of the Clear Whirl River and within eyeshot of Castle Hartwick—within which sits the seat of power of Hartsvale. By and large, the town is quiet with most of the residents working within it or the outlying farms.

The blood of giants courses through the veins of the people and it shows; most of the denizens of the Vale are over 7 feet tall and incredibly strong. They are proud of their heritage. An insult upon the town is likely to result in the chorus of chairs being thrown back as every resident within earshot stands with fists clenched.

The residents of Hartsvale dress in spun cloth, animal skins, furs, and horned headwear. They enjoy hunting with bow, spear, and falcon; skills that most children begin practicing at a very early age.

Organizations in Stagwick[]

The following organizations operate within Stagwick and Hartsvale.

The House of Hartwick[]

Location: Castle Hartwick

The blood of Hartkiller (and by virtue, Annam), himself flows through the veins of the royal house of Hartsvale. Like most of the human denizens of the Vale, they are tall and strong, most standing seven feet in height. From the Alabaster Throne, the Good King rules over the Vale and its duchies.

Good King Crauman Hartkiller (CRAW-munn).

Prince Taumarik Hartkiller(TAW-muh-rik).  

Princess Yiienna (EE-lee-en-uh).

The Alabaster Guard[]

Location:Castle Hartwick

Guard Marshal Rebbon Sar (ruh-BONN SARR).

The Guard is a recent establishment, formed only within the last few decades in response to a temporary increase in bandit activity to the south. Fearful of his safety and that of his family, King Hartwick commissioned the formation of the Alabaster Guard. While the guard is largely responsible for the security of the King and his home, Castle Hartwick, they also patrol the village of Stagwick.

Though numbering less than 40 members, this force of flrbolgs is an imposing sight. Clad in white- enameled plate armor and equipped with greatswords larger than the average denizen of the Vale, they are fiercely loyal to the Good King.

Typical Alabaster Guard.[]

The members of the guard are hand-picked by the Good King and Grand Marshall Sar. They are firbolgs all and equipped with the finest armor and weapons as can be made in the Vale. They will defend King Hartwick to their last breath.

The Frontier Scouts[]

Location:Stag Hall

Scoutmaster Wum Burdun (WOOM burr-DOON).

Established under the rule of King Camden, the scouts patrolled the Vale and ensured that the giants kept to themselves. Today, the scouts still exist, but over the centuries of inactivity, have grown complacent. They are ill- trained and ill-equipped; it consists largely of farmers and craftsmen now. They no longer patrol the borders of the Vale, and are more reminiscent of a militia than an organized military force. There are only a dozen full-time members; venerable warriors who cling to old traditions. They are all also firbolgs.

Typical Frontier Scout.[]

The typical frontier scout is—for the most part—a farmer or craftsman first, and a scout second. While most of them know the basics of swinging a sword, most of them do not own one. And while basic suits of armor are available within the village's armor, most of the scouts are a bit stouter around the belly than they were when they first swore their oaths of allegiance. Despite all of this, the scouts are fiercely proud of their order and its history. And when danger shows its face within the Vale, they bravely answer the call. They also know that shouting the order's motto (“Sound the Horn!", followed by whoops and howls) will, from time to time, get them free drinks at the Wear Giant.

The Blood Riders[]

Location:The Cold Woods

Scarn M'kel (SKARNMiCK-uhi).

This fierce order of giant-killers has been inactive for hundreds of years, the recent increase in giant activity has pumped fire into their veins—igniting old hatreds.

They now operate against the wishes of the king, and can be seen patrolling the wilder reaches of the Vale—looking for giants foolish enough to stray too far from their own territory. The Blood Riders frequently clash with the active members of the Frontier Scouts, though such squabbles rarely end in bloodshed. How long that will remain true, however, remains to be seen.

Typical Blood Rider.[]

Most of the Blood Riders are human, although other humanoid races are represented. One thing they all share, however, is a desire to drive every last giant from Hartsvale— regardless of whatever truces or alliances the Good King makes. They view the Frontier Scouts as traitors to the Vale.

Locations within Stagwick[]

The following locations can be found within the village of Stagwick.

The Weary Giant Inn[]

This large inn is owned by Vema Burdun, daughter of Tavis Burdun and brother to Wum Burdun

The prices here are fair, the food is staggeringly good (and is largely to blame for the "fitness” of the majority of the Frontier Scouts), and there is usually a lute or shawm being played nearly every night. And, although the chairs and tables are just a little bit larger than most visitors are accustomed to, the Inn is a warm, cozy place.

Shae Burdun and Verna make a great team in managing the Inn and its legacy among the village residents.

Shae Burdun (SHAYburr-DOON). Female human. Headstrong and smart as a whip, Shae is also very patient.

The Mainstays[]

This small shop has your typical general goods. As the Vale sees a good number of traders and merchants come through town on the way to the duchies,

Hesther usually has a good supply of high-quality, reasonably-priced equipment. She does not stock armor or weapons, instead referring any inquiries to "that ornery bastard's shop” (see Rold's Wagonright, below).

Hesther(HES-terr). Female human (Damaran). Hesther is an older woman and was widowed long ago when her husband was slain by an ogre. Since then, she has refused to take another husband, and insists on running the grocery herself. Thankfully, she is a shrewd business woman with an unusual knack for bartering. She tolerates very little from those who aren't actively looking to part with some coin. Her loathing of the twins (Ipsin in particular) is almost legendary in the village; if she sees one of them headed her way, she is almost certain to shut and lock the door rather than let them into her shop to cause trouble.

Rold's Wagonright[]

Stagwick's local smithy and livery is owned and run by Maxin Rold and his son, Relan. The two only recently moved to the Vale and have regretted it ever since. While trade is plentiful, the merchants typically carry high-quality wares—leaving Rold to do little more than bang plows straight and shoe horses. Rold's weapons and armor are of standard quality, and as he is charged with maintaining arms for the Frontier Scouts, he always has a side selection of just about everything imaginable.

Maxin Rold(max-EEN ROW-id). Male human (Tethyrian). Maxin is an angry, short-fused man that hates the Vale almost as much as he hates its loud, imposing residents. He is barrel-chested and bald (the latter due to a lifetime over a hot forge). He wields insults like a seasoned adventurer wields a sword.

Relan Rold(RAY-Unn ROW-id). Male human (Tethyrian). While not quite as cynical as his father, Relan yearns for something more. He resents Maxin for dragging him to the Vale, and eagerly awaits the time when he can belt a sword to his hip, leave Stagwick, and never look back. He is a handsome, muscular young man, with dark hair and eyes, and has caught the eye of most (if not all) of the local maids.

The Hall of Chaff and Comb[]

This long wooden building looks more like a barn than a temple. Its grounds are filled with a number of different crops in various stages of growth, as well as a few beehives in the back stretch.

The resemblance to a barn doesn't stop when you enter the temple. The interior is dark, hot, and humid—especially in the summers—and contains a number of different sorts of farming implements. During services, a long cloth is hung across the hall separating it into two smaller rooms. The rear of the hall is filled with various devices and equipment used in brewing and distilling as well as a number of barrels; most are full, but some are empty.

Trueseed Bardrin Leigh (BARR-drinn LAY). Male Tethyrian. Leigh is a simple man who takes great pride in his work. His temple is also the center of faith in Stagwick. Whether it be from boredom, overindulgence, or innocently ensuring the quality of his brew; he is usually at least a little drunk. He is friendly and quick to offer tips on getting the most of out of your soil, tools, seeds, air, water, or any other aspect of farming. Bardrin is in his older years and his hair is thin and grey. His skin is well-tanned from years spent working the fields. He seldom wears shoes so feet are usually quite calloused, and even more dirty.

The Glass House[]

This unattended shrine to Corellon Larethian is 10 feet on a side and bears a small altar and a number of planters full of bright, vibrant plants that remain beautiful throughout the year—despite the lack of tending.

Locations Outside of Stagwick[]

The following locations can be found outside of Stagwick.

The Ice Spires[]

Hartsvale is bordered to the west by this range of mountains. The mountains here are treacherous; prone to avalanches and littered with icy chasms.

More dangerous, however, are the ogres that call the range home.

The ice Spire Ogres. These ogres are bigger, smarter, and more dangerous than your typical ogre, and reside in small tribes—usually led by a shaman. They tend small herds of krotter-—large, yak-like creatures—for food, clothing, and milk.


(HOE-tunn SHOOL). This enormous, underground temple was razed hundreds of years ago. Among its fabled, lost treasures include friezes depicting Annam's revenge upon Ulutiu (OO-loo-TEE- oo), the giant god of glaciers and artic dwellers. It is said that the spirit of Illsenstaad (ILL-sen-stodd), the stone giant who carved the friezes, still wanders the temple's halls—eternally searching for his precious carvings.

The Mist Caves[]

This large complex of over two dozen caverns houses the ogre chieftain Gumnor and the giants and monstrous humanoids he rules. It is estimated that there are over a hundred ogres, bugbears, orcs, and goblins residing within the vast complex.

Vents continuously flood the caverns with stinking mists. The mists cause nausea among those unaccustomed to them, and the residents of the caverns are adept at using fighting within them; using them for cover and moving unseen through the tunnels.

The Cold Wood[]

This forest is home to the Blood Riders and a large number of plant and fey creatures. In addition, orcs, ettins, and even outcaste members of Uthgardt barbarian tribes can be found here.

Citadel Adbar[]

This dwarven fortress was built nearly two-thousand years ago. The dwarves permit no non-dwarf visitors within the city, and even non-Adbarran dwarves find much of the citadel off-limits.

The dwarves of the citadel are ruled by King Harnoth, son of the long-ruling King Harbromm. Due to recent losses against the Many-Arrow orcs, Adbar’s army, the Iron Guard, is sparse and ill-trained. Things are dire for the reclusive dwarves.

The Seven Stones[]

A large circle of six stones monoliths in the foothills northeast of the Tun Marshes. Home to the stone giant Kryshilir (KRISH-ill-EAR), who refers to himself as the Seventh Stone. The ancient stone giant is a wise and powerful runecaster whose time on Faerûn is nearing an end. He stands watch over six other stone giants who entered the Olach Morrah (the Great Stillness) decades ago. He lives in fear that he will die before they awaken.