Mirabar’s sister-city is a shattered ruin. An orc horde destroyed this once-mighty fortress city during the War of the Silver Marches, wiped out its human population, drove the dwarven population deep underground, slew the city’s dwarf king, and, perhaps worst of all, dealt a fatal blow to Sundabar’s longstanding alliance with its human and elf neighbors.

The remaining dwarves of Sundabar have turned their backs on those who offered little or no aid in the city’s time of need. They no longer consider themselves part of the Lords Alliance. The dwarves have turned their attention to rebuilding what they can. Now, although the surface city remains a hollowed-out ruin, its outer walls mostly intact but its inner buildings reduced to piles of debris, the underground smithies and foundries are operational once more. The city is currently off limits to non-dwarves.

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