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Lawful neutral male human fighter

Ideals: Responsibility, glory (“I am trusted with

protecting thousands of lives, and I will not betray that

trust no matter what my personal desires.”)

Interaction Traits: Honest

Pledged Resources: Flaming Fist warriors and expert

advisers to train conscript troops

Ulder Ravengard is the leader of the Flaming Fist—the

military might of Baldur’s Gate. He has the greatest

martial acumen of anyone at the council (and probably

in the whole Lords’ Alliance). He can also muster more

soldiers than any other delegate, and he is not bashful

about saying so.

ouncil and the front of the battle—but he will take that

place only if the party proves worthy of his trust.

Ravengard is a stern warrior dedicated to discipline

and results. Having risen through the ranks of

the Flaming Fist by the might of his blade and the

sharpness of his wits, he sometimes lacks sophistication

and tact, but he possesses an unwavering commitment

to the law. More comfortable working with soldiers than

adventurers, Ravengard is used to giving orders and

having them obeyed without question.

Though Baldur’s Gate is still recovering from the

havoc caused by the resurrection within the city of

Bhaal, god of murder, the metropolis remains one of

Faerun’s most populous, wealthy, and powerful cities.

Ravengard recognizes his duty to protect the city above

all else, and the Flaming Fist’s tired reserves are

desperately needed for reconstruction and policing.

However, he would love to see the Flaming Fist take a

leading role in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon,

if only to give the defenders of Baldur’s Gate a stature

befitting the greatest city in Faerun. This opportunity

for glory makes Ravengard receptive to the adventurers’

overtures, as long as their plans and decisions promise

stability and discipline.

Ulder was a warrior at heart, with a great martial acume; he sometimes lacks the sophistication and tact but possesses an unwavering commitment to the law. Ulder is More comfortable with soilders, thinking in the terms of giving and obeying orders. More comfortable with soldiers, Ulder thinks in term of giving and obeying orders. He also has a great sense duty to his city and wants to regain the lost Baldur's Gate's pride; he thinks the glory in defeating Tiamat will be a good opportunity. If only to ensure that others think Baldur's Gate is the strongest city in Faerûn.[1]