Scoutmaster Wum Burdun (WOOM burr-DOON). Male firbolg. Burdun is the son of Tavis Burdun— once a member of the Frontier Scouts, owner of the Weary Giant Inn, and before his death, the ruler of Hartsvale. Tavis hoped that Burden would assume the Alabaster Throne upon his death, but Wum would have none of it. Wum is aware of the increase in giant activity in the area, and he is worried. Wum seldom ventures into Stagwick; he considers the valleys and forests of the Vale to the chairs and tables of the Inn. As such, he is unaccustomed to strangers and typically avoids engaging in conversation. When he does speak, he does so brusquely and without tact—in his domain, his words are orders; not requests.

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