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Ylraphon, pronounced "ILL-ra-fon", is a small but growing port outside the mouth of the River Lis, on the southern edge of the Moonsea region, just north of the Vast.

Locations at Ylraphon[]

1 The Hunt Trail

2. The Eldest Ruins

3. Flooded Forest

4. The Black Fane

5. Later Ruins (Year of Rogue Dragons)

6. One Good Trn (Wainwright Shop)

7. The Palisade

Ylraphon’s Palisade is a wall of sturdy duskwood trunks lined up in a row, each sharpened to a point. A small wooden platform stands next to each gate. 

8. The Marsh Gate

9. Hosttettler's House (Inn&Tavern)

10. Hunter's Market

11. The Keen Edge / Marsh Compound

12. Emberstar Exchange Compound

13. The Moonwater (Temple of Selune)

14. The Still of the Night (Inn)

15. Argent Hearth (Shrine of Berronar)

16. Zhentish Corners (Black Market)

17. Drink O' The Lis (Tavern)

18. Lady's Token (Shrine of Tymora)

19. Chiang Emporium

20. Ironheart Keep & Powder Keg

21. The Pearl (Fine Jewelry & Vault)

22. The Seawall Docks

23. Town Hall & Jail

24. The Shou Gate

25. Seas of Glass (Boat Repair)

26. The Twin Tower of Salvar Brix

27. The Dragon Docks

28. Affapanov Mansion

29. Emberstar Forges

30. The Kraken's Grip

31. The Dragon Cut

Faction Contacts[]

The characters may seek out their faction contacts within Ylraphon.

Harpers. The steward of the Moonwater, High Initiate Andorran Bree, male half-elf cleric of Selune.

Order of the Gauntlet. Male human avenger Arden Marsh

Zhentarim. A male kenku spy called Clank, lurks in Zhentish Corners facilitating the black market, often accompanied by the blind human beggar girl Zoya.

Emerald Enclave. A female half-elf druid from Calimshan, Ilasera Kombul, mostly dwells in the Flooded Forest, but can be found visiting her friend Aislyn Marsh at Old Marsh House.

Lord's Alliance. Male human noble Zor Serge Affapanov

Fren the Moose, male goliath forgeman for the Emberstar Exchange 

Orgrillon Jack, male half-orc forgeman for the Emberstar Exchange 

Toothy Crexi, female dragonborn forgewoman for the Emberstar Exchange 

Tail, male tiefling apprentice for the Emberstar Exchange 

Jyn & Lia, female human acolytes of Selûne 

Aleck, male human apprentice to Salvar Brix 

Lindon Steeltoe, male halfling former sheriff and mayor’s assistant 

Glendt, male human refugee with a missing eye 

“Purserazor” Neemoy, male gnome Zhentarim and fence 

Mayor Carver, male Damaran human, has an office in the town hall  

Sebastian Emberstar, male fire genasi, owns The Emberstar Exchange and forge. 

Cristobella Crexi, female dragonborn, is the proprietor of The Emberstar Exchange. 

Ayre Affapanov, female Damaran human, is the proprietor of The Pearl. 

Leszek & Hvartina, male and female Damaran humans working in Serge Affapanov’s household. 

Bethannah & Garros Tantur, Turmish male and female, are undercover Hawks tracking Vanquo. 

Salvar Brix, male Damaran human wizard is building impressive towers in Ylraphon. 

Clem Stouthandle, female halfling town guard 

Trell Bannon of the Fens, male half-elf town guard 

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