Halfway between Secomber and Loudwater, on the old Delimbiyr Road, are the charred wooden remains and the crumbled stone chimney of an inn that was burned down by brigands many years ago. A scorched wooden sign cut in the shape of a fox’s head still hangs above a blackened doorframe, with the inn’s name—the Sly Fox—all but obliterated by fire. An overgrown dirt road branches southward from the inn.

Travelers who follow the dirt road discover the razed ruins of a farming village on the north shore of the Delimbiyr River. Only some rickety wooden docks remain to mark what used to be the village of Zelbross. The abandoned site has a lovely view of the Southwood across the river, so it’s easy to imagine why settlers chose this spot, but there’s no evidence of what became of the villagers or whatever attacked them. Zelbross has been abandoned for more than ten years.

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